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Feel The Sparkle offer a Pet sitting and Dog walking service, which caters for all eventualities. We can come in on a regular basis to visit your pets and or take them for walks if you have dogs. Whether that is because you are at work, just come out of hospital or just aren’t able to physically do it anymore. We can come in and visit your “best friends” should you want to go away on holiday and care for them rather than you sending them off to catteries or kennels and disrupting their routines, you can relax knowing that they will be taken care of!

We can cater for dogs, cats & small mammals. By engaging any of our services you are taking the stress away from yourself and for your pets who will get the full attention they deserve. With our hectic lives, ailments or holiday plans it makes for a harmonious home.

Our “Best Friend” Service

Pet Sitting:

When you are away on your much deserved holiday we can offer pet sitting for your “best friends” So whilst you are away we can make them feel pampered and special too, so that they don’t have to leave their home and won’t miss you quite so much and this will alleviate any stress for them by not being up-routed to catteries or kennels. We can provide one, two or three visits a day; it’s entirely up to you. We will feed them, clean up after them, walk them if required and provide some TLC to keep them happy. With the cats, small mammals and birds we will clean out their trays or cages and replenish them to ensure that they are fresh and welcoming once more.

We can also turn lights on and off, open and close curtains, flush toilets, water plants, collecting up post and taking the wheelie bin in and out.

And if so desired if requested upon booking we can make sure there is fresh bread, milk & the daily paper waiting for you upon your return.

If you run out of supplies for your “best friend” then we are able to replenish and this will be added to your bill upon your return.

Also if you leave all the vet details etc. if in the unlikely event that something were to happen to your pet then we can arrange to get him/her there ASAP! And then we can contact you. Whilst this is very unlikely we like to be prepared to do our upmost for your “best friend”.

Puppy and Elderly dog visits:

Puppies are a bundle of joy and ones that are full of energy! Yet we still have to work and go about our daily lives, so rather than you not giving the time to your new addition and coming home to disarray we can step in and help! We can play with them, take them for playful walks (once they are vaccinated) clean up after them and stop them from going on a path of destruction (bless them).

And for your “senior friend” we can offer a slower pace to cater for their more specific needs. We can sit with them, pet them & talk to them, clean up after them and take them on shorter more gentle walks. Making sure that when they return they are comfortable and content.

Dog Walking:

Dog walking can be arranged to meet you and your dog’s needs. We offer a regular or ad-hoc service and the walk and visit times can be arranged to leave time for snuggles too!

We can walk up to four dogs at a time on our “Fun Time” walks; these are for those dogs that like to play together and bounce around and have fun.

But we can also take other dogs on a “Pamper walk” where this time and our attention is purely for them, maybe this is more suitable for those dogs that are used to your undivided attention or for those that are timid or temperamental.

Coming Soon …… Home sitting:

Home sitting is where one of us will stay in your home and take care of your pets whilst you are away on holiday. Not only do we look after your pets, but we also look after your house too. And we will never leave your home for more than to two consecutive hours.

(We are currently vetting potential candidates for this service) Delete this paragraph

Please contact the office on: 023 80982090 or email: info@feelthesparkle.co.uk for a price on your tailored “Best Friend Service”.

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